Friday Night Cocktails

Friday, May 26th

This evening focuses on rejuvenation. The Friday sessions offer a variety of interesting ways ESL teachers can rejuvenate from the stress or burnout of teaching. We encourage you to pick the two you are most curious about and attend with an open mind.

This is an opportunity to think about yourself and your interests outside of teaching. 

Come and experience an incredible line-up of speakers from fields outside of ESL to help energize you!

After choosing two 60-minute workshops that pique your interest, help us open #TOSCON17, discuss ideas with our like-minded colleagues, and socialize over gourmet eats and drinks in historic Victoria College!

Tickets ($48 members/ $60 non-members) are only available online.

Check out these inspiring talks!!

4:45   Check-in: Cocktails & Hors d’oeuvres @ Victoria College, 2nd floor
Join us as we mingle with some complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drinks (1 free drink ticket). Rub elbows with your colleagues and enjoy an evening of relaxed camaraderie as we open this year’s TESL Toronto Conference.
5:30   Session A: 60-minute concurrent talks
  The Art of Calligraphy:  Writing with Pen and Ink –  Mark Lurz  

In this workshop the participant is introduced to the broad nib pen and ink.The basic letters of the Italic script are practiced. Mark will demonstrate different writing tools. He will show calligraphic designs and explain the historic background of Western writing. Special attention is given to possible left-handed writers.

Write Your Way: Exploring Poetry’s Power to Support Your Teaching – Sheila Stewart

Poetry allows our spirits to come forward. In the daily attentive work required of teaching and demands of our institutions we can lose our own voices. In this workshop we will explore writing outside of conventional, linear forms, to work with our own stories and rhythms. Through embodied, holistic writing exercises we will free up our writing selves and connect to what excites us about English language teaching.

  Astrology as Mythology – An Evolutionary Journey – Bea Gonzalez

Beyond the sun sign astrological columns in the newspapers and the charlatans peddling their services on the web, lies a rich mythological system that has underpinned many of our philosophies.  Join me for a whirlwind tour of the astrological universe and learn how this vast mythology has merged with psychology to offer us an intriguing look at the individual and the collective forces operating in the world. I will analyze a number of charts to show you how these themes come together in a reading and how to recognize the archetypal patterns that are at work.

6:45   Session B: 60-minute concurrent talks
  Mindfulness Meditation – a Practical Introduction – Caitlin Colson 

Mindfulness helps reduce stress and trains the mind to be more easy-going, with benefits that can be applied to anything: your job, your family situation, your tennis game. In this workshop, learn the primary attention skills involved in mindfulness in a fun and accessible way. The hour will feature a mix of guided practice, discussion, and how to apply mindfulness skills in life.

  The ELT Writer’s Retreat: A Workshop Approach – Chuck Sandy (TOSCON17 Plenary speaker)

Since experience tells us that even professional writers working in their first language benefit from a workshop approach, wouldn’t this approach also benefit writers working in a second language? This is the idea behind The ELT Writer’s Retreat – a series of practice driven lessons led either in the classroom or online which mirror professional writer’s workshops by helping participants see themselves as authors honing their craft rather than as language students focused on mechanics and form. The teacher serves as a writing coach who delivers mini-lessons on craft, provides prompts, directs projects, assists with editing, meets in conference, organizes sharing, helps with portfolio creation, and suggests methods of publication. Teachers write and share, too. In this interactive session the presenter discusses approach, outlines the framework, leads a typical lesson, and shares activities. Come expecting to do some writing and sharing.

 Uncovering the Mystical World of Dreams – Marina Quattrocchi

Dreams are sacred scripts leading us toward our core of personal greatness–guiding us each night towards greater clarity, purpose, and self-awareness. Each dream is nightly therapy helping us work through problems, rehearse difficult situations, and face our worst fears. Dreams give us the confidence to face challenges, and are the source of true genius, creativity and healing. Weaving a common thread between all languages and cultures, they speak to us in the universal language of spirit. Until a few centuries ago, dreams were highly regarded, but, as shifts towards rational thought and technology took place, the wisdom of dreams was lost, but we never stopped dreaming. By the end of our lives, most of us will have spent five to seven entire years dreaming!

    Dr. Marina Quattrocchi, author of Dreamwork Uncovered and The Genius of Spirit, will share significant dreams that altered the course of her life. We’ll also examine: the purpose of dreaming, why we dream, what is a dream, the fascinating stages of beta, alpha, theta, and delta sleep, tips for remembering dreams, keeping a dream journal, and how to begin understanding the messages found in dreams.